Since In 1980 with trust

We base our work on a foundation of knowledge, expertise & experience.

Having been established in 1980, with over 30 years experience in stainless steel. The Port Elizabeth Engineering Specialists, Simply Stainless Steel  was purchased by Hoosain Lewis in June 2006 and our work is based on a foundation of knowledge, expertise and experience in a cost-effective manner.

Since the inception, Simply Stainless Steel has contributed to become one of the ever-present stainless-steel suppliers and manufacturers in Port Elizabeth. Simply Stainless Steel currently specialises in process piping, lagging and cladding, fabrication, manufacturing, and installation of all stainless-steel products. Our workshop floor not only allows for fabrication and machining but also bending, cutting, and welding to the customers specifications. Simply Stainless Steel has undergone a series of changes since being under new management and we are proud to announce that we are fully BEE compliant with a Level 1 (100%) score-card rating.

Continuous improvements of technologies, systems and processes is central to achieving our business objectives. The training and development of our employees drives our competitiveness against other stainless-steel companies. Become Grade A Fabricators is a goal set and achieved as well as customer satisfaction is never taken for granted but utilised as the standard for our business

Why Choose Simply Stainless Steel?

As a leader in the fabrication engineering field; our well-equipped workshop, dedicated personnel and more than 30 years’ experience are our strongest assets.

  • One-stop fabrication engineering solutions.
  • Highly skilled team.
  • Extensive manufacturing capabilities
  • High standard of safety
  • Exclusive customer experience
  • Level 1 BEE compliant
  •  A talented and dedicated team
Simply Stainless Steel Clients

Our Clients Include:

Simply Stainless Steel is compliant with section 9 of ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code which relates to the qualification of welders, welding operators and the procedures that they employ in welding. Coded in mild steel, stainless steel and mild steel to stainless steel.

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